ECOLIFT  range of escalators and moving walkways goes that one step further in terms of technology, efficiency and adaptability. A wide range of possibilities ensures that each choice fits perfectly, no matter what the specifics of each case may be. Space, passenger traffic levels and conditions of use cease to be limitations, instead becoming our indicators to determine the best choices. Furthermore, the modular design ensures that the installation is optimised and the product is enjoyed to the full due to its capacity to respond to the specifications of the design.
It is a system which offers very different possibilities with common characteristics, reliability, comfort and optimum performance
forming the best basis of the success for any product from the ECOLIFT range.
As it forms part of our philosophy of excellence and constant improvement, all our products comply with the European Standard EN115 as well as other international codes.

TYPES          Comercial       Heavy Duty
Installation Indoor/Outdoor (*)
Working hours (hours per day) 16 hours 20-24 hours
Capacity (persons per hour)  Up to 7300 
Inclination (˚)  30° / 35°
Speed (m/s)  0.5 / 0.65
Width of tread (mm) 600/800/1000 
Vertical rise (m) 2.0 m to 7.5 m 2.0m to 12 m
Motor Type One Speed-VVVF